Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Merdeka' for Corporate Executives?

As the 53rd National Day approaches, a group of people had practices for days, weeks and some, even months for the national day parade, although in a smaller scale at the Putra Stadium indoor arena in Bukit Jalil, instead of the usual at Dataran Merdeka in the city. For the rest of the country, many take the day doing their own things if they are not at the stadium or celebrating the Merdeka day elsewhere in other states.

Many of you in the corporate world, would have had filled your leave-form for a day off on Monday 30th August as it would be the natural things to do if you have many leaves available to be claimed or cleared. Monday sits between Sunday and the public holiday on Wednesday. If you had done that you would be having a long holiday since last week.

It would be nice if you really enjoys the holiday and not participates in gossiping,bickering or complaining about how bad your colleague, bosses or subordinates are, when you are with your family or friends. The reason I am sharing this is to highlight on how that would have impacted you, with you a quote. 'Who gossips to you will gossip of you. ~ Puerto Rican Proverb.'

That doesn't make the holiday more enjoyable. In fact, the more you complains about someone the more heated you are emotionally. You may also feels your breathing getting heavier and to some extent you may experience difficulty in breathing. As the gush of blood reaches your face at the end of the 'conversation', you have succeeded in upsetting the guests and yourself too.

Giving in to your emotion of rage doesn't help or make a difference to improve the situation. It would have a significant impact on your social life.

Topics for healthy social gathering should not focus on office politics. It would be ideal to look at how your family is doing, and any activities that can improve our health and their well being. I received a message a friend on my facebook, saying that he is getting news from close friends and relatives being diagnosed with cancer and some had heart attack. To him, it is a wake up call and every day that we are alive is a bonus.

Most and if not all unresolved conflicts at office does not remain in the office, it follows you to your home, to your private and social life. Just like the story of the monk and his disciple, the conflicts stays in your head.

That is why people are having chest pain and agony on their face when comes to social events where the topic of the day is about how bad something or someone is at the workplace. What can be worst is that you already had changes many job by now to run away from conflicts. Are you celebrating Merdeka, really? You can make a difference by not participating in such gossips and bickering. Instead, focus on what is possible to have a harmonious workplace.

Have a Happy Merdeka my friends. :)

Note: This article is part of the book that Garry is writing. He is a lawyer turned corporate trainer specialise on this subject. If you are interested to get hold a copy of his upcoming book please look out for the to-be-announced promotion on this blog. Stay tuned.

Friday, August 1, 2008

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008


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